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There are no costs associated with joining Silver Connect.

As a newcomer to Canada, one of the greatest challenges can be getting socially engaged in your community. Unfortunately for many, learning English as a second language is the biggest barrier to a thriving social life in Canada. We are a community engagement organization that focuses on helping recent immigrants and newcomers break the language barrier through video calling and online communication services. Joining Silver Connect means joining a safe environment to practice and improve your English language skills. Whether members have specific questions about language, are looking for some ‘stress-free’ conversation, or are simply looking to talk politics or sports, our volunteers are kind, compassionate and dedicated to improving our members’ comfortability with English.

How Does it work?

1. Submit the client intake form.

Click here for client intake form    

Once you do this, you will be a member of Silver Connect and paired with a carefully selected student volunteer.

2. One of our dedicated volunteers will help you to schedule meetings with your student partner. The platform of your choosing can be by: phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom etc. You get to choose!

3. Before beginning your first meeting, you’ll need to sign the member consent form. Don’t worry! Silver Connect does not share any of your information with third parties, and anything you speak to your partner about remains between the two of you (exceptions are outlined in the member consent form).

4. From there, the conversation is up to you. You will get to know your partner, and they will get to know you all the while building confidence in your conversation skills. Conversing in English might be difficult at first, but our volunteers are interested, patient and passionate about you and your abilities.

Our student volunteers are all thoroughly screened, interviewed and carefully selected to be a part of the Silver Connect project. Feel free to chat with them about anything that is concerning you! This might be a specific question about how to pronounce a word, or clarification on Canadian expressions, online lingo and abbreviations used on social media. Alternatively, you might ask them about their personal interests and experiences, and share yours -- or you might even want to talk about pop culture, sports, etc.

We’re not here to judge or criticize. We’re here to help.

Silver Connect is here for you.

Practice might not make perfect, but it does build confidence.

Interested in becoming a Silver Connect volunteer?

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